Client Spotlights

It is my great joy to consult with nonprofit organizations, to learn about their work and the people they serve, and to tell their stories to potential funders. The clients featured below are representative of the organizations that have used my grant writing services.

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The Grants Galore Mission: Expanding the capacity of nonprofit organizations to fulfill their missions.

The Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council (COIC)
The Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council (COIC) supports municipal and county governmental bodies in a three-county region by identifying and addressing their needs through collaboration, shared service delivery, technical assistance, information sharing, and resource development.

Kristin Olson served as the lead grant writer on several projects for COIC. One project secured a state grant to repair or replace local homeowners’ septic systems to prevent public health hazards related to prohibited discharge of wastewater and sewage.

Period of Engagement: 2022 – Present

Great work!!!!

Scott Aycock,
Community and Economic Development Director,
Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council

The Michigan Primary Care Association (PDF)
The Michigan Primary Care Association served as the lead applicant on behalf of a four-state coalition to secure federal funding to establish the Midwest Network for Oral Health Integration (MNOHI). The goal of MNOHI is to improve access to children’s oral health care in Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Ohio.

Period of Engagement: 2019

We appreciate the awesome job you did for us and can’t thank you enough.

The MNOHI Grantees

The Redmond Senior Center
The Redmond Senior Center provides a variety of services and activities to older adults in the greater Redmond area in Central Oregon. They contract with Grants Galore to seek foundation and state funding for their existing hot meal program and to renovate their commercial kitchen.

Period of Engagement: 2019 – Present

Illinois Collaboration on Youth (ICOY)
Illinois Collaboration on Youth (ICOY) is a statewide organization that helps build the capacity of organizations that serve children, youth, and families. ICOY first contracted with Grants Galore to apply for a federal grant to implement and evaluate a promising service delivery model for child welfare agencies. Subsequent projects included additional federal grants to expand the model to other regions, state grants to address violence prevention, and training for after school program staff statewide. Grants Galore is now on retainer with ICOY to research funding opportunities, maintain a grant calendar, and develop grant proposals on an ongoing basis.

Period of Engagement: 2017 – Present

You made this so easy for us, Kristin!

Sue Pickett, PhD, Deputy Director,
Center for Research & Evaluation,
Advocates for Human Potential, Inc.

We are grateful for your expert guidance!

Andrea Durbin, CEO,
Illinois Collaboration on Youth

Cultivadores (Cultivators)
Cultivadores (Cultivators) is a grassroots organization in Rantoul, Illinois, that provides an array of services to Latinos in communities throughout a multi-county region in eastern Illinois.

Like most new organizations seeking grant funding, Cultivadores lacked a quality that grantmakers desire—experience with administering grants. To establish a “credit history” for the organization in the grant world, Grants Galore helped Cultivadores secure their first grant from the local community foundation. The agency went on to secure additional local grants as well as a series of state grants to fund their outreach programs to youth and families.

Period of Engagement: 2006 – Present

Your work is priceless—we are very satisfied with your services. . . You’re the staff behind the scenes.

Nelson Cuevas, Cultivadores / Cultivators

Springfield Urban League, Inc.
Springfield Urban League, Inc., one of the largest Urban League affiliates in the U.S., is a multi-faceted, community-based agency in Springfield, Illinois. The organization is an aggressive grant seeker to support programming in five departments and multiple locations. Division directors have extensive experience with developing and submitting grant proposals; however, they often outsource tasks to Grants Galore. Examples include determining grant eligibility, developing grant-specific task lists, editing proposals and annual reports, and completing federal grant application forms. Grants Galore has helped the agency secure more than $96 million since July 2006, primarily for federal grants and contracts.

Period of Engagement: 2006 – Present

Kristin has played a vital role in enhancing this Organization’s grant writing, collaborative relation building and program development efforts. . . . She is conscientious and professional and ensures that every aspect of her service delivery is of excellent quality.

Nina M. Harris,
President/CEO (retired 2021),
Springfield Urban League

Memorial Behavioral Health
Memorial Behavioral Health, a community mental health center serving a multi-county region, outsourced the majority of its grant writing to Grants Galore for 14 years spanning the tenure of three executive directors. The scope of work encompassed foundation, state, and federal grants, resulting in nearly $10 million for direct services to low-income individuals and families.

Period of Engagement: 2008 – 2021

Kristin, you have outdone yourself. It is so impressive. You are amazing and I appreciate your commitment to improving the Springfield community through your work. You are a behind-the-scenes unsung hero!

Jan Gambach,
President & CEO, 2008 – 2020

Village of Manchester

The Village of Manchester, is a small rural town located in Scott County in west-central Illinois. Although there are only 350 residents—50 of whom are children and adolescents—Manchester hosts an annual Gospel Music Festival at the community park. This event features nationally-known gospel singing groups and draws a crowd from a five-state region.

The Village Trustees realized that the playground equipment, most of which had been installed in the 1940s and 1950s, was unsafe and inadequate to serve the number of children who live in and visit Manchester. The Trustees established a Playground Equipment Savings Fund and deposited the proceeds of an on-going lease agreement with the local Internet provider. However, they needed several thousand dollars to purchase and install the new playground equipment. Grants Galore secured $24,000 from two private foundations, allowing the Village to complete the project in time for the next festival.

Period of Engagement: 2009 – 2011