Grant Writing Tip: Write the Executive Summary Last

Earlier this month, I launched my new blog, GrantSpeak. I shared my top 10 grant writing tips for improving your success rate in the grant world. This post goes into depth for Tip #10:  Write the Executive Summary Last.

Thank You, Mr. Holmes!

When I taught junior high, my students often asked me, “Are we ever going to use this?” – referring to whatever topic we were studying at the time. Well, my high school freshman English teacher will be happy to hear that I apply a concept I learned in his class every time I write a grant proposal.

Mr. Holmes assigned an instructional exercise called a circular essay to help us organize our writing.  Now, mind you, it’s been a few decades since I sat in freshman English class. But what I remember is that we wrote a paragraph for each of the points of our essay, using transitions to move from point to point. Then we wrote the conclusion—a statement that summarized our main points and provided a clincher to move the reader to take action or adopt a certain point of view.