Grant Writing Tip: Solicit an Objective Proofreader

You’ve invested countless hours meeting with your partners, writing the project narrative, creating a budget, and gathering the supporting documentation. When you click the submit button or slip the grant package into the mailbox, you have no control over what happens next. But you DO have control over the quality of the product you submit. Increase your chances of getting funded: solicit an objective proofreader.

Who Ya’ Gonna’ Call?

Ghostbusters can’t help you with proofreading. But I bet you know at least one person with excellent language skills that you can call for assistance. It might be a co-worker who has not been involved with writing the grant proposal. It might be a family member or neighbor.

Try to recruit someone who will read the text objectively and provide you with feedback that will help you strengthen your proposal. It’s not likely that the grant review panel will know anything about your organization, the people you serve, and the community where you’re located. So you need a proofreader who is outside your organization, someone who is not familiar with the proposal. You need a fresh pair of eyes.