Create Visual Appeal with Tables & Graphs

One of the strategies you can use to support your case for a grant request is to provide comparative data to describe the need. Describing the data in narrative form is a good start, but you can reinforce your points by inserting charts, tables, and graphs. And you will enhance the visual appeal of your proposal at the same time!

Is That Good or Bad?

Presenting statistics for one group, time period, or geographic area is better than omitting data altogether, but how does the grant reviewer know if the situation you’re describing is good or bad? Comparing one group to another group provides the context your reader needs to determine if there is indeed a need, as well as the magnitude of the problem.

The More Local the Better

Consider the scope of the project you’re seeking grant funding for and present data for the smallest geography appropriate for that scope. If it’s a statewide program, compare the data in your state to a neighboring state.